Working with Integrity

Most ways of making money in our current world perpetuate a dumbed down, degraded state of humanity. Changing this starts with you, taking on work that truly has integrity.

Some basic points I go over:

  • We're taught that one of humanity's basic conflicts is rich vs. poor. This is inaccurate.
  • The people who are one step below the top are the most controlled and oppressed.
  • What being "fake smart" is, and how people fall into this trap.
  • Questions to ask yourself to decide whether a certain career path is truly in integrity for you.

My overall message is that, if you care about humanity, you should take on tasks (i.e. your work/career) that lie outside the system and the mainstream, and from that place you can go to work on either fixing the system, creating a new system, and/or uplifting the people in the system. Choose work that ultimately creates a more wholesome economy and contributes positively to humanity. Refuse to settle for work that feeds into the stagnation or the downward spiral of mankind, which are really one and the same.

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