Envisioning the Future (and Inviting Input)

This blog post is an announcement of sorts. And an invitation.


A Change in Direction

My three main goals in life, in general terms, are to 1. Create a free and conscious world, 2. Expand human capability, and 3. Form as complete an understanding of reality, consciousness, and existence as possible. These goals are based on my general purpose of growing courageously, loving fully, and living intelligently.

Each one of these goals has shone through this website to differing extents. Lately my blog has emphasized the first goal, with articles like The Biological-Cultural War and The World is Run by Eugenicists. Expanding human capability ranges from in-depth articles on diet to speculations on the full extent of abilities possible for humans. The third goal is most obvious in articles like Understanding Reincarnation and Growing Reality.

While each of these goals is reflected in each one of my articles (and books) in some way, the most highly emphasized goal up to this point has been #3. I feel it now is time to shift the emphasis to goal #1, and the purpose of this article is my telling you this.

It’s not that #3 will stop. As far as I’m concerned, these three goals are interconnected, and without one another they are incomplete.  That being said, the problem with the emphasis on goal #3 is that I have been explaining things primarily in a way that I understand them. While this is necessary, I can tell I have put too little effort into explaining things in ways that other people will understand them, too. Not only that, but that’s a challenge I should be rising to anyway, since explaining ideas from a variety of angles will endow me with a fuller understanding of those ideas (which I’ve wanted anyway, as per goal #3).

The point is, my work has been a little too self-oriented to be as effective as it could be. And, based on what I want to do from here on out, I can’t afford to work in that manner anymore. This is because what I want to do next cannot be done alone.

The State of Kimwrate.com

Before I get to what’s next, I’ll comment that the self-orientation hasn’t necessarily been a mistake. Because I started this website at a fairly young age (18), I came into this with a LOT of room to grow. Above all, this included growing my intellect (i.e. accumulating knowledge, exploring various ideas, understanding the world in an effective manner) and growing into emotional mastery.

I’ve come to my blog many times as an outlet for trying to make sense of difficult situations in my life. I know that certain challenges I’ve faced are difficult for most people to relate to, as are the ways in which I’ve come to terms with those challenges. Still, I felt that addressing them publicly was what I needed to do.

Everything I’ve created so far shall remain in the archives. It’s not going anywhere. Based on the web traffic information I receive, I know that someone looks at each and every one of those articles each month—I just don’t know who. I’ll find ya! ;)

I’ll also tell you that, for the last 6 months (i.e. since April 2016), kimwrate.com has been receiving 10,000-14,000 total page views per month. Those page views have been coming from 300-500 different visitors per month. In January 2017, my web traffic took a hard hit. The number of unique visitors who viewed the site that month dropped by half (down from 600 people), relative to what was normal prior to that month. I think this had a lot to do with me expressing frustration with my audience (I mean, it sounds pretty likely). Since then, my traffic has been increasing each month, and it looks like this month I’ll receive roughly 11,000 page views from just under 600 different people. So, the numbers are steadily restoring themselves.

I’ve been told that my progress (regarding web traffic) has been terribly slow—that those are very low numbers for being a regular, fastidious content creator for over 2 years. I’ll admit that I did expect to be doing much better in that department than I have been. But, I’ve already addressed some of the reasons why I haven’t been doing quite that well.

Deliberately Envisioning the Future: How to Change the World

At the end of this post I’m going to tell you that I want to hear from you—that I want input on what I’m doing. First, though, I must tell you the thing I want your input on, which is the thing I want to do next.

As I said, I want to shift the focus of my work from goal #3- form a complete understanding of reality- to goal #1, which is to create a free and conscious world. Again, all 3 goals will still remain relevant. I’ll continue to address the true nature of reality and upgrade my own understanding as I go along. It’s merely the emphasis I want to shift.

Harking to what I said earlier, I feel that a phase of my training is complete. The primary purpose of this website no longer needs to be a way for me to sort out my personal issues or things I’m trying to understand. I can and will still do those things—after all, there is always more to be understood. However, I’ve reached a point where it is time to do what I must do with my life in a bigger way.

What is Needed

I feel that the biggest shortcomings humanity has had in freeing itself are (1) ignoring consciousness, and (2) failing to deliberately envision the future. (1) means that people have focused more on specific innovations, laws, and societal structures as ways of changing the world, rather than on helping others to become more intelligent and aware. Of course, the reality is that the way a society functions is relative to the level of consciousness of the people who live in it. In other words, if the people are ignorant, weak, fearful, or otherwise dumbed down, no externally-imposed change will raise the quality of life on Earth. Giving a monkey a computer will not enable it to write Shakespeare. As such, people themselves must change to become more capable and love-oriented. I’ve addressed this in a previous article.

As for (2), people have a tendency to be too reactive and present-focused. While we do need to be clear about what is currently going on in the world, and whistleblowing/muckraking (i.e. exposing corruption and evil) is a necessary component of that, we also need to take initiative and consciously decide what is to be the future of humanity. If we do not decide for ourselves what our future will be, some sort of ruler will—and that ruler may not have the most wonderful of intentions (a possibility we should not at all be ignorant of by now). In other words, if you do not know what you want, then you will spend your life getting bumped around by people who do. In the case of the future of the planet, “you” becomes “we.”

So, I would like a major component of my work to become deliberately envisioning the future of humanity. Not only that, but to the extent that I can, playing a role in actually bringing this future about.

For starters, as I said, I know a major part of this is just raising people’s level of awareness (“waking them up,” if you will). People who are awake think about what they can and must do, and then they take action. Because no one person can do everything themselves, and “the future of humanity” means that everyone is involved, the most effective way to bring about change is to simply wake people up.

That being said, we are not really awake if we are merely living reactively. While no plan can be complete, and all plans get changed along the way, having a plan is more effective than not having a plan. If the planning level of your life is at 0%, that means that you are living your life basically in reaction to things that are happening around you. It’s a safe bet that you’re making very little happen, and instead are just dealing with things that happen on a moment-by-moment basis—things that probably could have been avoided with some forethought. That doesn’t sound like a very intelligent or enjoyable way to live.


The challenge here is in going about this task in an effective and intelligent manner. Most talk of “saving the world” is lacking in substance, as far as I’ve seen. It tells people to recycle or be nice to each other, but there is no bigger picture. Not only that, but much of that talk is based on establishment-propagated falsehoods, like global warming and the various tenants of feminism (AKA cultural Marxism). If you have read or watched anything I’ve put out in the last 2 months, you know that no such garbage is welcome here.

Similarly, I am reluctant to create a public forum (even if people express interest) because it can encourage people to get locked into ideas and debate. That’s not what we want here. We can keep researching all the subject matter in the world for the rest of time. Study and research will not end just because we are moving into the future. If you want a perfect, complete understanding of a subject, you can pursue that for yourself. However, what we need for this particular task is a sufficient understanding—enough to implement the plan, evaluate its effects, adjust the plan as needed, and keep moving. This is much like how a business is run (I should hope I would know, anyway).

The General Plan

In addition to generally waking people up, we need to address each aspect of society and decide on a shared purpose and/or shared goals for humanity. The aspects of society I am referring to include our relationships to technology, the natural environment, human health, the government, culture, and the economy.

The First Steps

I believe we will get the most leverage, especially initially, from focusing on technology, health, and waking people up. These address our most imminent needs and challenges.

The Human Health Crisis

To be frank, I believe the obvious human health crisis that exists at present is our most pressing issue. Your level of health has a LOT to do with your emotions, outlook on life, general intelligence, and ability to get things done. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

The main ways we can heal ourselves are through detoxification protocols (especially regarding heavy metals) and through adjusting our diets.

You must understand that we have essentially been poisoned. You cannot thrive by drinking contaminated water and eating Cheetos. You may think you are doing just fine, but if you take steps to heal your body, you will do much better. It is only in hindsight that you will realize how much you have been held back up to this point.

Of course, if you have obvious health problems like obesity or diagnosable diseases, I shouldn’t have to tell you that. I should hope it is apparent to you how much this slows your life down. Depending on what the condition is, you may think this is merely the consequence of “having fun.” Of course, being unhealthy is also a great way to become dependent on hospitals, insurance companies, the pharmacological industry, the government, and, eventually, nursing homes (and social workers, if your physical health issues have manifested mentally). If you live in a brain fog resulting from poor health, various industries that waste your time and distract you from your woes such as alcohol and television will also benefit from you—and make you worse in the process. And, of course, you’ll likely continue to patronize the things that made you unhealthy in the first place, such as junk food and food labelled as “healthy.” Overall, a lack of health is a one-way ticket to being exploited by people who couldn’t give less of a damn about you. If you are not healthy, you are not free. I have been there. I would know.

The point is, restoring the health of the world is, at this point in time, the biggest way in which we can uplift the world. When you restore people’s health you restore their minds, emotions, and spirits, in addition to their bodies. You help them to become capable, cognizant, courageous, and loving again.

Changing our relationship to the natural environment is an extension of elevating human health. Many of our health problems result, in part, from the abuses we have committed to the environment. Everything we put into the world eventually comes back to us. To state it one way, you cannot shit in your water and then expect that water to be shit-free when you go to drink it.

How to Wake People Up

There are two fronts through which to wake people up: the body, and the mind/emotions/spirit. Restoring human health and the natural environment addresses the body. The way to address the mind is through simple conversation and education.

People wake up when they get a sense of the bigger picture of what is going on in the world and who they really are. Once people find out that they have been lied to, and they are reminded that they are conscious, they start to actively challenge the lives they have lived up to this point, and eventually they reclaim their lives. In due time they may become well-intended, highly motivated people who dedicate themselves to both enjoying life and contributing to the world. It thus follows that the more people who wake up, the better the world becomes.


As for technology, it is obvious that technology has the potential to both tremendously enrich and tremendously degrade our lives. Which effect we experience depends mainly on the intentions with which we use technology. When we use technology to distract ourselves or exploit others, it hurts us. When we use technology to automate tasks that we can’t do as effectively and efficiently ourselves, it helps us.

There are four main actions we must take regarding technology: (1) Bring to light technologies that have been repressed, such as hydrogen energy; (2) Consciously re-evaluate our relationship to technology (e.g. How much do we want? Do we want robots to replace cashiers, for instance, or not?); (3) Put an end to planned obsolescence, and instead build technology that is of as high a quality as we are capable of; and (4) From here on out, as much as possible, build technology in a way that doesn’t threaten our health, and dispose of it in a way that doesn’t poison the environment.

If we don’t decide and state what we want in regards to technology, the technocrats will just keep building it their own way and selling it to us—potentially at our peril.


Deliberately envisioning and implementing the future of humanity is a fairly complex task. We have to do our best to improve the world without infringing on people’s liberties and quality of life. Ultimately, how fast we can go depends on how willing people are. If the rest of the world was willing, I’d be glad to move ahead at the speed of a freight train.

On the one hand, there is a reality to accept, which is that the majority of people aren’t on board with that sort of thing. On the other hand, I trust that there are some fine minds out there who would be happy to experience this and to keep moving.

And that’s where the next part comes in…

Inviting Your Input

What I Want Input On

There are three main points I would like to invite input from you on. You can talk to me about any one or all of them if you’d like.

The first regards what I talked about at the beginning of this article. If there are any subjects you would like me to re-address or ideas you would like me to re-explain, let me know. Possible subjects include detoxification, diet (e.g. being vegan, high-fat vs. high carb diets, food additives), polarity, subjective reality, what love really is, what the shadow government is, etc. Don’t feel like you’re being too demanding. Ideas are useless if people cannot understand them. Please reference specific articles if it makes sense to.

Likewise, you’re free to ask me more personal questions like why I lived in my car and why I sometimes am a jackass, as these may provide some insight into the larger ideas I’ve discussed.

The second point I’d like input on is what you think of deliberately envisioning the future. It’s possible that I’ll have to talk more about the specifics of this before I’m able to get strong feedback, but I’m sure I could get something of value at this point. Whatever the case, I’ll be wanting feedback at some point or another anyway, so I’m putting out the call for it now.

What do you think of the idea? What changes would you like to see? What does a person who is “awake” look like to you? How can we bring about change, and do so ethically and effectively? What could or would you want to contribute?

The third point I’d like input on, which is slightly less important, is the home page of this website. I truly love the current home page, but I’m concerned that it may be over the heads of new visitors. Especially now that I plan on taking a shift in direction, it may make sense to change the content of the home page. I’ll still put the current content somewhere else on the site, because it still is relevant, but that message may not be the best one to inviting people to participate in my three main goals in life (which, of course, largely involve and are meant to benefit other people—especially the creation of a free and conscious world). The current home page only addresses goal #3, which is to understand reality in a complete manner. I’m thinking I ought to incorporate goals 1 and 2 as well. Because roughly half of the page views I get are on the home page, and the home page is what tells people whether to either enter or run away, this matters.

Also, in addition to the three main points, you’re welcome to give me a little fact-check on certain articles at any time. Some of this stuff is so obscured and complicated (like the new world order), it can be hard to get every little detail right.

How to Share Input

The main place I’d like your input, for the time being, is through the Contact form. The message you send will be sent to me as an e-mail, so this is private.

Especially if there is a substantial amount of interest in this, there could be value to welcoming public input as well. I have the ability to let people leave comments on a web page, though I don’t think that’s the way to go for this particular article. I’ll consider making a separate page, at some point, just where people can do that. It’s something to think about.

For now, you can comment on a video I made on the very subject of deliberately envisioning the future. It is titled, “Beyond Tyranny: Envisioning the Future.” You can also post on the discussion page on my YouTube channel or send me a private message through there.

I’m a little wary of this because YouTube has been joining the censorship bandwagon lately, but for the time being I probably seem benign enough to not be “problematic.”

Anyway, the video says largely the same things I’ve said here, but you may still find it worth listening to. Here it is:

In closing, I am genuinely optimistic about the future of this world. I trust that I will have plenty of time on this Earth to help bring that future into being, and that is what I’m doing here now. If you feel similarly, I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much. <3