What if the World was Already Fine?

Once we heal ourselves and purge corruption and evil from the world, how will we live? What will we do? 

The areas I cover include the following:

How we'll spend our time: I see us becoming "renaissance people," meaning that we all have both variety and depth of skills and knowledge. We will enjoy both creating and appreciating other people's creations, in both art and business (which are often one and the same). We will likewise enjoy what nature has created for us to explore: as people get healthier, sports and outdoor activities will become more popular (likewise, Kim will have an easier time finding people who can keep up with her in dancing). Perhaps best of all, people will have a higher level of trust in one another and treat each other more warmly. As we evolve, being in one another's company will become more and more of a delight.

The expansion of science: science is currently artificially restrained and riddled with corruption. When this goes away, we will see people seriously exploring "edgy" fields like history (especially pre-history) and outer space, in addition to the ocean (which is like a world of its own). There will also be deeper, more thorough study of fields that already get plenty of attention, such as nutrition. Once we get monied interests out of science, our overall understanding of reality will race ahead at high speed.

Shifts in the economy, resulting from the following: the end of planned obsolescence, government subsidies, and artificial scarcity, which will result in both a great supply and demand for high-quality products. People will not need to buy things as often because the products will last longer. People's priorities will also be different than they are now, and they will not be as materialistic-- cheap stuff will be undesirable. Similarly, because people will be more health-conscious, products that obviously degrade health (e.g. junk food) will steadily decrease in sales. For the same reason, hospitals and the pharmacological industry will also bring in lower revenue. People will also prefer buying from other individuals (i.e. small businesses and "solopreneurs") rather than from supermarkets and other corporations, in part because we will value connecting with each other. Business will simply be another way of doing that.

Evaluating our relationship to technology: this is mainly about deciding on the extent to which we want it in our lives.

Re-relating to other species:for example, will we always continue to regard other animals as property?

I also talk about how we will and must clean our bodies and the natural environment, and I give my take on life-extension.

I didn't address how the government would change. For the sake of this recording I assumed that it would be as it currently is in America, but smaller and minus all the corruption. Certainly the tax code would be simpler. :)


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