Why There Is No Grail (Yet)

Summary: It is dangerous to put the grail in the hands of anyone who does not completely understand and accept what its function is, how it works, why it will be used, what went into the discovery and production of the object, and all of the consequences that its use will have. So far, every person who has had direct involvement with the grail has been severely tested, and no one has passed their tests. Shane is the most obvious example: his father died two days before he and Brian were set to cast the grail in bell metal bronze, and Shane consequently decided to end his involvement in the project indefinitely.

Success in building and using the grail will require complete purity of intent: there is no room for profiteering, showing off, appeals to emotion, desperation, or taking credit where it is not due. One of the intended consequences of the grail is to completely destroy Hell. Understanding and accepting that fact just gets you in the door of being successfully involved with the grail.

So, it is a delicate matter. A grail can help to bring about understanding, but the completion of this object also requires purity of intent in the first place. This technology was originally taught by the beings who created humans, and we have to become worthy of using it once again. Haphazard completion of this project would likely have more dangerous consequences for us than not completing it.

The following is the 71st-73rd e-mail messages I received from Brian Harner, from January 17-19 2021. They are the result of an offer to fund the completion of the holy grail-- though, so far, only if the donor takes the matter into his own hands, due to thinking that Brian "quit" the project.

For further context on these e-mails, see Message from Brian #34, A Fight Over Purity, and How to Build a Holy Grail Blank. For definitions of several of the terms being used, see Note on Controversial Language.


Email #71
January 17 2021 5:45PM


I've seen too many "Als" at this point. He's just like everyone else who would like to profit from my sacrifice. He's no different than every businessman preacher that takes money and resources from people for something he did not accomplish on his own, and took sacrifice to achieve. He's not interested in the sacrifice itself, just the ability to profit from it.

I'm not interested in justifying his arrogance. Just like the stance on businessman preachers/religion. They're not interested in transcending; they're interested in ego procurement through pride. Strictly quantified through monetary value. "They've" worn me down long enough...



Email #72
January 18 2021 12:51AM

The issue once again is in defining nomenclature. Technically, every "living thing" is a "slave" to a larger system/structure. There's no shame in that, but the human ego makes the connection to being subordinate, a defining characteristic of weakness. Every human alive is a slave to Earth/their environment, but it's absurd to think one day we will all become planets...

The British guy that I was complimenting in that thread touched onto the point I'm trying to make. Funny how that continues to happen, no? Anyways, his basic gestalt that I'm referring to is that the expanse that the universe is moving into/contained within (depending on your view) may never be understood by humanity. This conundrum frightens people, angers them, and they feel cheated or abused. He's right, on both accounts. I've said nothing different, just reworded the insinuation. I keep trying to explain that no human, from a human perspective, will ever really understand what exists beyond the capacity of the 3rd dimensional realm that they inhabit. It will not happen. It's fundamentally impossible. Where most would seem angered by this revelation, I, as well as the British guy see this conundrum as fuel. Not in the hopes that we will be able to visit, converse with, or even understand the complexity of higher dimensional beings, but in creating our own purpose, for ourselves, in the here and now.

I was "1" of 2 definite souls that got to travel to those Dimensions during this present cataclysm cycle. It was the greatest experience of my life, and I was happier than I had ever been prior to that realization period. But... I wasn't "trying" to achieve that goal. My entire life was focused around sustainable technology and forming an equilibrium within my environment. My reward for a lifetime of hard, body shattering work for 39 years and beyond, was what everyone who tries to be religious, spiritual, or their pathetic version of "enlightened" is. To me, it's lunacy, wasted effort, and downright stupid. There's no substance to the request other than begging. That's how I see religion as a whole. A bunch of beggars and con artists trying to make a deal they have no capital to make.

So I ask you, why do you seek a constant audience with humanity's maker? Do you want answers to questions that the very environment that you're living in provides you with? Are you looking for reassurance or emotional support every second of every day you're alive? Do you want to be a robot? The reason I'm explaining these things in this way is because of my own experience with transcendence itself. There was a goal in my life that was ever present no matter who or what got in my way. I learned along the way many things about the people that tried to dissuade me, but they were never successful in destroying my conviction. There were many obstacles that were put in my path, and some of them were strong enough to slow down my progress, but nothing changed my goals. Nothing. When I see your writings and emails, you have a tendency to highlight running. Always running. Your body, your form, the people who you've met, lessons learned, etc. Why? What is your conviction based on? Are you trying to be more healthy, meet more people, "spread the word" about running? Why? What will this path lead you to? Everyone in the world becoming ultramarathons enthusiasts?

I'm not telling you to stop trying to be a great runner/athlete. I'm not trying to say I'm annoyed or frustrated by your dedication to that hobby. I'm trying to get you to understand what you've done with your life, and the inherent focus that's been dedicated to that ideology. What you see as a strength, might be a weakness. If you're on a righteous path, nothing will stop you. That's what I had in life before my realization. It took a lifetime of dedication and perseverance to achieve a goal I didn't even realize I was trying to achieve. Some of your insinuations are similar in scope to that of Nathan's a few months ago. You're both in your early 20s, and the way in which you describe conundrums and matters of conviction are liken to expecting a payoff for your "services." It seems to be a matter of character, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to tell you to remedy this internal dialogue. By the time I was your age, I was 20 years into my focused journey. It took almost another 20 years of that focus to "awaken." All the while, I took more abuse from my peers, more ridicule, and more pain than anyone I've ever met. None of it dissuaded me, but it did take 39 years to properly define. My cadence, rhythm and delivery developed over that time period of anguish. It fucking sucked, and still does sometimes, but I persevered. You have to configure a base motive that will create the conviction that you're trying to discern. Then, and only then, will you be able to formulate a proper pathway to what you desire.

My desire was based on sustainable development and an equilibrium. I developed that strategy at about 4 years old. At least that's the best recollection I can muster. If those same goals are your desire, it's going to take decades to fully integrate into your life. There is no easy path to that destination, nor is there a guarantee that you'll be successful. If you're doing a righteous thing, expect more persuasive advice against your cause than anything else you can attempt. Expect unfathomable sacrifice and pain along the way, both physically and mentally. Expect that you will probably not finish. You will not instantly be great at anything along this path, and your detractors will never stop reminding you of it. This is hell, but it has the potential to be heaven. Humanity's maker communicates to humanity through your environment, not the niggers and demons you're constantly surrounded by. You may never be able to make bonafide contact with him personally as a living human in any other way than the environment that he created for you... you included. If a baby boomer cancerous ideology, like that of Al's, will be able to hurt your ability to understand your environment and act according to "the environment's" desires, you will not be successful. It's just that simple. Becoming truly powerful and effective in what I did will take a lifetime. Does humanity have the time to be effective in that endeavor? Probably not... but does that mean you should quit trying? Definitely not.

Your first goal should be defining what is your top priority. Second should be how to achieve that priority. Third should be how you can compliment that priority while waiting for your steps to the overall goal. You signed up for machining classes and looked for a manufacturing job to compliment your skillset and become independent. Good stuff. Have you watched YouTube stuff on machining to pass the time? Have you researched the cheapest method of obtaining source materials, tools, and further education options? How's the shoe manufacturing stuff coming along? Do you know how to fix your vehicle? Have you looked in your library for a Hanes or technician manual? Have you sourced materials for a foundry? Have you studied forging? There's nothing that I just mentioned, that I did not do myself. Constantly. Annoyingly to my friends, family, and love interests. I never stop studying. All day today I took a free college course on ancient civilizations from Texas University on Prime while everyone else watched football. I was taking/leaving a deuce when posting on 4chan. Otherwise studying, all day, on a Sunday. It's not work to me, it's fun. I've been this way for decades. Always coming up with new material and varying ways to discuss that material with others, or working on making it. Mostly, truth be told, working on it... for fun. All of it; the studying, working, and annoying everyone about it, was all based on "1" base motive. I'm rare, Kim. Nothing dissuaded me from my goals. After 39 years of relentless pursuit, I was granted time personally with my maker. If you would like to have the same interaction, strap in for the long haul. At least that was my experience. Just remember; nobody, and I fucking mean nobody, could pull me away from my conquest. Until you have that kind of conviction, and the experience to back up your assertions with factual knowledge about your craft, anyone can persuade you to be like them, even niggers and demons.

Now, when it comes to Ayylmao and his extreme level of generosity, I just couldn't accept his gift. You're correct in assuming that more tests will be given to anyone who provides assistance. The truth is that $5000 donated to me might not have been enough. It was an arbitrary number, and I was just making a quick guess in forming that number. I couldn't guarantee that my first attempt with the blank I made would work. If that was the case, 5k definitely would not have been enough. Making the blank takes weeks, which requires shop time, living expenses, etc. I was confident in getting it right the first time, but shit happens. Not only that, but I was dependent on Shane's help so the entire project was on his shoulders as much as mine. I just couldn't take Ayylmao's money with so many questions in the air. Plus, as you know, I left Mangum because I was kicked out of the apartment I was in. I would have needed to get a new place to stay with that 5k. With everything added together, AND the fact that was half of that man's life savings, I decided his personal interests were more important. If a millionaire wanted to give me 5k, I wouldn't have balked at all. The bullshit I've seen Al saying about why I did what I did, tells me everything I need to know about his personality. To be blunt about it "Al, is in wonderland." heh

There is no reason for me to put Ayylmao in a position to fail, nor anyone else that comes in contact with me. I've watched people get tested along this journey in more ways than I expected. You included. Maybe what I have to offer is forbidden to humanity. Maybe it won't be if real change is observed, or maybe it never will be available for reasons not even I can fully comprehend. After what I've witnessed first hand, I will not purposefully make that kind of a decision for anyone. You included, ya know? You can take this advice I'm giving you and throw it right in the trash if you'd like. I won't judge you for it. Not that you won't get judged for it at all, but it won't come from me. When I had those discussions with Ayylmao about the 5k he wanted to give me, there was a significant amount of hesitation in his voice, and stress about financial woes for himself there following. Shane didn't act like that... and look at what that man went through. I just wasn't willing to put anyone in that kind of position again. The simple fact of the matter is that 5k might not have been enough, and considering what happened to that point, it wouldn't have been enough. Desperation and ego driven profiteering will not fund a Holy Grail into existence. Whoever tries to accomplish that goal with those motives will bring a significant amount of unexpected damage to their lives. That's the best warning I can give to anyone who wants to pursue that goal. If something drastic changes, I'll go right back to working on it. Until then, all I can say is, be extremely careful. This is not a game for the weak minded, milquetoast profit driven idiots, or those who have motives outside of pure Divinity. Everyone who plays this game had better be ready to put everything into it... and then some. I'm not describing an app on a phone or some other soon to be useless frivolous pursuit of money making scheme. I've described how to build a Holy Grail. Thee Holy Grail. This is not a task for the faint of heart. ANYONE reading this had better fucking understand that before even contemplating trying to build "1"...

Apologies for the harsh tone to this email. My fuel tank for dealing with people like Al is empty. If you want to pursue this project, my advice is to put everything into it... or nothing at all. I've put literally everything into it other than my life itself 3 times now, and every time I was met with resistance in ways I couldn't have possibly imagined. Expect the same, if not more so. The general ambiance of society will also continue to deteriorate, but I've been quite vocal in preparing you for that. None of this should be a surprise. Whatever you choose to do, all I can say is good luck. No matter what direction you choose to go, there's a lot of work ahead of you. Even if I get a miracle, there's a lot of work ahead of me... but that's fun to me. Most people don't see life like that. Until you do, everything will seem like punishment along this pursuit.



Email #73
January 19 2021 12:44AM

These are complex and complicated matters, there's no denying that. I understand that you're a great runner, have made your path to this point based on that, and would like to keep pursuing the endeavor. It shows initiative, discipline, and fortitude that can and has been instrumental in teaching you about others, myself included. There's an aura that surrounds these types of pursuits, no matter how righteous they may seem, of personal conquest. Indeed, there are many benefits outside of selfish drive, I'm not denying that, but I speak from experience when giving this advice. I worry for your safety. You're trying hard to model your life to a significant amount aspects that I pursued vigorously in my life. There are many mistakes I made along the way, and I'm trying to instruct you on how to not make those decisions. I too was pursuing a righteous path, but I was unsure of what that truly entailed at the time. Thusly, the instructions I received were very damaging to my physical body. At a certain point, my personal pursuits were getting in the way of real progress. At the time, and even now sometimes, I contemplate the timing of certain events. Before my hands got mangled, I was very close to achieving my goals in regards to being sustainable; fully off grid. I had the knowledge, tooling, and definitely the drive... but something was missing. During that time period I was very focused on lifting weights and working out. Plus, bowling at least 4 nights a week. My average was 231 when I got hurt, and I had bowled 2 300 games two weeks prior to the accident. Peak physical condition and top of my game with my hobby. Of course there were many other pursuits that were intermingling with those hobbies, but I dedicated a significant amount of time to them regardless of motive. One of my pursuits during that period was in trying to drill my own bowling balls. It may seem simple, but it's actually quite intricate and nuanced. I was pursuing machining in doing so, but the profession itself was redirecting my focus in areas that are now better understood.

When I got hurt, ALL of my personal pursuits to that point immediately stopped. It was very sudden. Seriously; 1 day I was bowling and working out, then the next day was the beginning of never doing that again. Lost my career, my body, and my hobbies in "1" shot. What I understand now, however, is that my skillset was being redirected to what I really wanted, NOT what I thought I wanted at the time. While drugged out of my mind during recovery, I formed several different "inventions," and learned several new skills that I wouldn't have learned unless I was hurt. I had a very good working knowledge of hydroponics, but added aquaponics and soil growth via red wiggler worm casting recycling using food scraps and cow shit as a base to my repertoire. Ended up growing the most tasty vegetable garden of my entire life as a result the following summer. Even the I only had 1ish hands to use, I took up stone masonry and built a couple retaining walls and a few flagstone pathways. We planted an amazing flower garden along the driveway and I redid the driveway itself. That's when I began using loaders and excavators. In order to be as precise as possible, while maintaining beauty and function, I downloaded Google Sketchup to map everything I wanted to do and see it before it was done. During the long nights that followed the hard days of work with only 1ish hands, I studied 3D printing. I ended up buying a Makerbot and built a few things to compliment my aquaponics knowledge, as well as some minor projects for friends and family. I got hurt on 11/1/11, so most of these things happened in cold and rainy weather. When the weather warmed up, I bought second hand woodworking equipment, fixed it up to precision standards, and built a wide variety of jigs and specialty tools for fine woodworking projects. My favorite was the dovetail jig that I read about in an issue of Woodworkers Journal. Made some amazing stuff that summer just plinking around the shop. Learned a lot about wood; species, grain structure, joinery, etc. Ended up buying a brand new Festool domino joiner tool. Very nice, very expensive, but amazing what it could accomplish. Normally I just bought junk and used my skills to restore and improve the derelict equipment. I'm actually quite the cheapskate. Ended up with a lot of tools that were from Europe, and parts were difficult to find... but I digress. The point I'm making here is that none of that ensemble of skills I acquired the year during my recovery would have happened if I didn't get hurt. I would have kept bowling, lifting weights, working overtime to make more money for vacations and whatnot, and would never have taken the route I took there following.

You regularly profess that you would like to gain the same kinds of skills that I did, specifically, to do the things that I have done and would like to do. It makes me nervous to hear considering your goals and personal experiences. There's a saying: When you get what you want, you might not want what you get. In a few ways, the unexpected and sudden change in my life was terrifying. Now, many years later, everything makes sense for why it happened that way. There's nothing wrong with lifting weights, bowling, traveling, working overtime, etc, but now that I am where I am, and can clearly view these things in hindsight, they were purely selfish pursuits. I see that now. During that time period before 11/1/11 however, I made excuses and internal deals to justify why I did what I did. You do this same thing. There's a million good reasons for wanting to be a great runner. I'm not putting your hobby down at all. What I see is a young person that says she wants to be a certain thing, and do a certain job, for a specific reason and for a specific being. When you do something like that, whether you know you're doing it or not (which I was unaware of in the moment by The Way), you're opening yourself up to his goals for you. In hindsight, I'm extremely grateful that my maker did what he did to straighten out my priorities. That doesn't mean that I needed to be dumb enough to not realize what my priorities should have been, and not a day goes by that I don't apologize to him for being dumb and selfish in the moment. I should have seen it. But... I didn't, and he did what was necessary to teach me what path I was asking to be on.

You've said that you want to be like me, and do what I did, build what I build, etc, several times now. My frustration in that email was twofold. I've had all I can take of people like Al. People like him make me sick to my stomach. Always have, but now it's an overwhelming feeling of repugnance and remorse coinciding that brings out a level of frustration that people like him will not understand completely until he meets his maker. When that happens, it will be too late for him. The arrogance and selfishness will overwhelm his soul due to the snap judgements and false assessments he's made about me. It's an ideology where the wasted potential is not entirely focused on his life, but more so on his existence in total. I've reached a point where I just walk away from people like that because I won't put up with the ridiculous amount of superiority and superficial bullshit they exude with every syllable they utter. The other frustrating thing was about you. I see you making the same mistakes that I did as a young man. What you pursue in life is entirely your choice... until you ask for someone or something else to make those decisions for you. There's a breaking point along your journey (if you continue to ask what you're asking, and to whom you're asking it to) where you'll be put in a position of certainty. Your maker will start doing the driving, if only for a split second, to correct your path as HE sees fit. You ask for this guidance constantly. I'd be surprised if he's not hearing you... loud and clear. My advice, from experience, is to be the person he wants you to be BEFORE he is forced to correct you as he sees fit. You can do whatever you want to do, but when you commit fully to his guidance, there's no turning back. Be careful what you wish for. There's more sacrifice to your personal goals than I think you're aware of. You can be a career runner, work on computers, etc all you'd like. But, right now... you're at a fork in the road. What you choose to do from here will dictate your trajectory on everything you will ever do. If you want to build actual holy grails, and take on the challenges of building pyramids, being sustainable, etc, commit. You will need mechanic skills, machinist skills, woodworking skills, farming skills, purity ideals, cadence and oration delivery skills, cooking skills (and not just for vegan meals as we discussed in depth), forging skills, foundry skills, metallurgy education, heavy equipment operations skills, mining skills, masonry skills, energy management and a wide variety of of miscellaneous skills along the way. Everything I just mentioned, I spent a lifetime doing. Not talking about wanting to do these things; ACTUALLY DOING THEM. Maybe you're an ultra hard worker above and beyond my own prowess, and dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to running will not hurt your ability to procure all of those skillsets. BUT!!! If it does, and you continue to ask for guidance from humanity's maker in straightening out your productivity in regards to what you have personally asked me to help you with... expect him to do whatever is necessary to END your personal goals FOR YOU. After all, that's what you're asking for. Is it not? I'm not telling you this to frighten you, Kim. I'm telling you this because at times, I feel as though you're unaware of the seriousness involved here. That's why I likened you to Nathan. Nathan is a good man, but the sacred and disciplined ideals of what he was truly getting himself into was lost in the friendship between us. I'm a likable guy; sometimes funny, lighthearted, humorous, crude, and down to Earth. But make no mistake about it, I'm very well aware of the entire spectrum of what I am: a Christ. It gets lost in the commotion of feelings that got bounced back and forth between us. I see this same thing happening to you, albeit less often, but it does happen. I do not want you to ever be in a position to be taken off guard; with me, or any of the sacred beings that I'm connected to. That's where the frustration comes from.

Even though I joke around, none of this is a joke to me. When I commit, it's all the way. I have to at least try to get you to understand what you're doing when you make these kinds of requests. It could be the best thing that ever happens to you, or it could be the worst thing. You will be the one that ultimately decides. Your family will not be held accountable for your decisions, nor your friends, nor I. You will. Remember, I'm speaking from a position of experience in these matters. I did not realize the full extent to which I was involved. All I have the ability to do now, is explain what happened to me from the position of hindsight.

Your emotional state will still be subjected to the same swings while dealing with people. There's no cheat code to relinquish you from yourself while dealing with shitheads. I'm still dealing with PTSD bullshit when I get overly emotional. I shake while I'm not scared, sweat, etc and in the moment I'm always saying to myself "WTF? This shouldn't be happening." But it does. It's ingrained like an instinct. Been that way for years now. It's going to happen anyways, so I just let it. You will always have some semblance of frustration while dealing with your family. My advice is to create scenarios where you do not shirk the relationships you've formed with them, but to use your frustration to teach yourself how to deal with anyone and everyone you meet. If something is not working, try a different approach. I assume that they want you to be happy and healthy. If what you're doing is not making you happy, they will follow suit. My parents were nothing like that, so all I can really comment on is from what you've told me. Knowing the very little that I do know about them, my advice is to not throw those relationships away. Only you can make that decision, just throwing in my two cents.

Anyways, I hope I've made my point. You have to decide what and where you want to be in this game of life, then follow through. "1" path can take you down a road of extreme sacrifice and workload, and the other can take you wherever you want to go. There's no definitive conclusion from either perspective. That's the game. The point is to start playing... whichever game you decide to play. As I said several emails ago, if you're going to take the building grails route, start beefing up. Put on some weight/strength. Otherwise, you'll be in a position to constantly hurt yourself. If you're not going to take that route, let's not talk about you building grails anymore. This is like having someone tell me that they want to go swimming with 3 layers of clothes on. I keep saying if you want to go swimming, you have to wear a bathing suit. You say "naw, I'm too cold for that." Then I say "if you want to go swimming AND NOT DROWN, you have to remove the three layers of clothing and put on a bathing suit. Then you say, "naw, I'm too cold for that." And around and around we go... You can do whatever you want to do. I've been very adamant about that. But you can't wear three layers of clothing and go swimming... you'll drown. Commit and follow through. Another piece of advice, if your goal is to "preach" about everything I've said, and that's as far as you're willing to go with it, you have to become an oration expert, and you'll have to have a good working knowledge of the tooling aspects I discussed earlier. Even with that, it will be a very difficult task for you to get anyone to listen to you. Generally speaking, people don't want to hear things from a "middleman." I'm not saying it's impossible, but it will be an exceedingly frustrating journey.

Which brings me to my last point. "Maybe this technology is forbidden to humanity." I'm not describing all of these things from my past to brag. I'm merely trying to illustrate the overwhelming complexity and diversity of the path I took. What I considered fun, most people despise: WORK. Hard physical labor. When I worked out regularly, one benefit of it was a great body, but that was not why I did it. I worked out so that my extremely physical work effort was easier. I worked... to work harder. That's my real torture: dwindling ability accompanied by surges of extreme pain. It's literally crippling, and even so, if I had the resources, I'd work this body to death. I've never met anyone like me in this regard. I have met many very hard working and dedicated people, but every one of them seems to have a personal/selfish ulterior motive. Take Jesse James for example. EXTREMELY hard working guy, there's no denying that. But when he explains why, the motivation becomes something entirely different than someone like me. He did/does what he does to make money first, and look "cool" second. He admits it freely. Obviously, I don't give a shit what I look like, nor do I seek profit making endeavors. For my entire life, when people would try to compliment me by saying "You're going to be rich one day," I would immediately snap back with "I don't want to be rich, I want to destroy the ability for anybody to be rich ever again." The communist insinuation would be immediate and direct, but that's dumb because even communists have class subjugation. Nevertheless, dumb people will make snap judgements. Other times people would say "Why are you doing that? Everyone's going to think you're an idiot." Of course these types of things would be followed by "I don't give a shit what people think." As I said, I've never met anyone like me. I'm rare. Extremely rare from what I understand now. The thing is, in order to build a holy grail, a pyramid, a sustainable farm, manufacture DMI engines, and do all of it off grid and for no profit, almost everyone alive would clash with those motives wholeheartedly. I seem to be the only person alive that understands why those motives are important and necessary to the process. Given the current predicament, my guess is that these abilities and reasoning inherent therein will die with me unrealized. I've taken the position of "so be it." If that's my fate, I'm content knowing I've done all I could. When it comes to the grail, profiteering strategies might one day bring it into the foray, but the essence behind what the object itself means, it's history, and what it has the ability to do for humanity well into the future, will be drowned out by notions of getting rich quick, or haphazardly completing projects with it for the same reason. The planet will continue to succumb to the will of arrogance displayed by niggers and demons with or without the grail's presence. If that's the case, my guess is that humanity's maker will give "1" final "fuck you" to humanity by not allowing it at all. That's what I mean when I say that this technology might be considered forbidden. The funny part is that obviously the technology is not truly forbidden. The Dendera depictions are crystal clear to me, and there's no denying the Pyramids at Giza exist. Humanity, as it seems, continues to be their own worst enemy, however, and the technology itself will continue to be confusing and distant. As long as it is, that's what humanity deserves. Humanity as a whole does not appreciate the sacrifice we as Christs make, the sacrifice humanity's maker made and continues to make at their behest, no do they appreciate the hierarchy as a whole, from God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, all the way down to the ameobi in their shit spackles. Their distant from the connectivity humility brings, and as such, have determined their own inability to partake in such an ancient dialogue. Hence, maybe it's forbidden to humanity. That's really what I meant by the quip. It's a very intricate and complex notion behind why, and maybe there's really only supposed to be a small handful of people who truly understand the depth of what I'm describing. It doesn't have to be this way. Obviously it wasn't ALWAYS this way... but it is this way now, and maybe that's enough to make this entire process forbidden to humanity as a whole. Time will tell the tale, and time is most definitely running out. We shall see...