A Fight Over Purity

A substantial difference between myself and this individual is that he wants fragile and broken people to pity and make "happy," while I desire capability and responsibility.

This page was originally posted on January 2 2021, and was updated with additional messages on January 21.

The only edits made are to two of the names of people mentioned.


October 27 8:38AM

This is in response to “Putting the Pressure On/The Real Problems.” https://www.kimwrate.com/The-Real-Problems.html


I just realized I did have your email.
In response to your post, which I see as an attack on me personally for
Simply asking a question.
You respond with a rant against me and anyone else who simply questions
The reasoning of your statements.

The email was truly an error as when I sent to submit with my ACTUAL email it kept
Refusing. I then did a test email and it went  through.
But you attacked me called me arrogant and other adjectives, then ended with asshole.
Is this really the best way to get your point across?

You know little to nothing of my 62 years on the planet.
Yet seem to judge me regardless.
Judge not lest ye be judged.

I have listen and read what you and Brian have indicated and propose or
Look to achieve. I can agree with some. I have never been a fan of oil, plastic, emissions
Pollution etc.

Who doesn’t want to save humanity? Or at least those they love while we struggle on
This planet.
I know you have been searching for a REAL life for a while.
I do hope you find it.
But attacking people for simple questions might not be the way.

While I do like a few of Brian’s views I am not fond of his hatred of Jews, people of color,
Gays, lesbians etc.
Or that white blue eyed men are chosen.
By the way
Did you tell him you were in possibly one of those groups?
Also I have many people in those groups that I would lay down my life for and they me.

What you say or do will not change my way of living and helping those in need.
Including your mom, dad, brother and others.
I recall in past I thought my wife and I tried to help you on your journey.

In either case I can not change your way of thinking or acting, nor do I want to.
Its all free will we have from a higher being.

So I wish you well on your journey and hope you find what it is your looking for.
If in 10,000 years your short time on this planet provides many or even one with a better
View/outcome/life, God bless you.


October 30 10:00AM

I told him I was working on a reply, which ended up being “The End of Purity.” https://www.kimwrate.com/The-End-of-Purity.html


That’s fine.
When time and life allows.
All good things in all good time.

Hers how I try to live.
Love God. Love your neighbor as yourself. Forgive others who have wronged you.
For me forgiveness is one I struggle with. I try to use understanding to cope with it.
As if those that hurt you really intended to or they simply
Did not think or reacted to quickly.

One last thing, I believe a man named Jesus did walk the earth.
Question is was he the Son of the maker?

Regardless if he was or not, is it so bad to live as he did?



November 11

This is in response to my phonecall with Brian on 11/1/2020, where Brian answered questions about genetic purity and addressed objections to that subject. I originally linked to that in “Brian Harner Update #2.” https://www.kimwrate.com/Brian-Harner-Update-2.html


I listened to much of posts.
I heard in part 4 minute 55 that “Al” has ego issues and among a few other things.

It sounds as if that’s Brains opinion, which he is entitled to.
But its an opinion only. His opinion is not by any means divine or salvation.
If I need to follow him and his teachings with respect to his idea of salvation I have no trouble
Eventually being subjected to Hell for an eternity.
For I would rather die trying with how GOD directs me in my actions.
And just like Brians maker/God does ALSO direct others, not just ONE individual.

Divinity is not about beauty, purity or any other physical attribute.
It is about LOVE, CARING, EASING a Burden or helping those in our lives to
Simply ease the pain and suffering we all experience.
Why did you’re your mom have to suffer the loss of her son?
Ask him that? Wouldn’t you like to help your mom understand his death?
She suffer enough hasn’t she? She buried her mom, dad, sister and son.
That’s a lot in one life time.

Why does the maker, who should know all now and the future allow
All this to occur? Interbreeding, transgenders, blacks, Jews etc?
You don’t think he could SEE the future or sent the Giants to try to help?
We were doomed from the start. So all one can do is simply make the best of it
For the time one has on the planet.

The Christ(9) I KNOW does NOT hate at all.
He was born of God ( maker) as you were and all humans were.
Based on free will we end up where we end up.
Many of us will suffer in this life and we will all die.
I have no fear of death or any challenge the Maker presents to me.
I know I will do all I can to ease any and all challenges/suffering I see.
I will NOT GIVE UP, only in Death.
I will not be burned out or lay down.
If one believes it something ,truly, they would puruse it until death as Chrits (9) did.
He DIED trying. You don’t think he wanted to throw in the towel.He didn’t.
He died on a cross to prove his point.

I DO know that a man name Jesus walked the earth and whether or
Not he was the ”son” of the Maker/God is everyone’s decision.

As a “Christ” he seems to swear a lot and laughs at things that
Are really not laughable.
Those situations are sad.

Finally if using his “number “ system any number line I have seen includes 0
Typically goes from 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
So using his numerology of why Jesus was 9 ( J 10th letter minus 1 = 9)
Therefore Brian ( B 2nd letter minus 1 = 1)
Then Al ( A 1st letter minus 1 = 0)
So I am the last Christ.
And He has spoken to me also. He directs me to do as I do.

The hand of the maker is in the furnace9 earth). We will not know the
Final product until it is removed from the furnace(death)

I only write this not to condemn Brian or his “teachings’ but simply state how and why I live.
Free will.
I wish you well on your journey.
No need to respond, if like i will stop replying or even listening to your posts
But i thought that is why you post?



December 2

I responded to this and the last one with “Purity, Survival, and Transcendence.” https://www.kimwrate.com/Purity-Survival-and-Transcendence.html


I listened to the last phone call with Brian.
His view on how we interact with the earth we live on has at times merit.
We should not be shitting where we eat.
So do we need to do things better, absolutely.

But where he indicates those that are “useless” should leave an make room
For those of “importance”.
I have a question with regard to your dad then?
Since he retired and is doing what ever retired/disabled people do.
Is what he does consider “useful”?

Also all those in nursing homes that while are considered “useless” and a resource drain.
Are you or Brian going to start making rounds to terminate them?
Since you apparently have the ability to judge.
I know while my mom was 93 and failing I still enjoyed her smiling face and
Time I spent with her. The purpose she brought to me and many others
Was JOY, PURE JOY. While this JOY might be considered “useful” to the earth
It was useful to many people in allowing them happiness.

Do you know what happiness is? True happiness? This is not just doing what you feel betters the
Earth only. Its what warms your heart and puts smiles on others who are
Burdened or troubled. If everyone improved the small sphere of influence you have around you.
Then just like this Virus spreading you will spread happiness and joy as you walk this world.

I think he misses the point of life on earth. He brought children into the world. Why?
He did not become a “Christ” until essentially late in life.
What if someone who judged decided before he became a “Christ” decided he
Was not of the proper genetic to enjoy the life in front of him. He would never then be a Christ.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

Again I know you have been searching for many answers on many paths.
Maybe you need to get out of the bubble you are in to see the “real “
World. It could bring better understanding or appreciation for all around you.

One can be shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

I wish you well.



December 23

This is in response to “Potential Threats to My Life.” https://www.kimwrate.com/Potential-Threats-to-me.html


I have read all recent posts and you and Brian have no
Threat to your life any more than I.
What you do have is visibility as Anti-Sematic and other
Bigotry  Views that are reviewed by web site people as
Possible danger to others, not you.

While all are entitled to their own views/religion/beliefs
Call it what you will. We are all created for a reason.
We might not like the reason but a reason none the less.

If the planet is doomed then so be it.
It my soul is deleted then so be it.
It is not in your hands but a power much greater than everything combined.

While your and Brian’s quest is noble in your eyes it is not necessarily the only truth
In the universe.
If the maker is all seeing and knowing he knew the outcome before it began.
As He writes the pages and the chapters we just follow and turn the page.

So I hope you realize time is short for all on this planet.
Many struggle and to sit back and watch it and be a
Doom and gloom person is not at all helpful.
Its DOING, DO something to really make a change.
Simply writing and prophecies is little to no action.
Might as simply make a sign and stand on the
Street corner where it reads the End is Near.
That’s about all I see from Brian and you.

You have made no difference to aid anyone in this struggle.
All you/Brian did is say look at me I tried. Well NOT hard enough.
Brian quit, some Christ. When the going got tough he quit.
He still has an ounce of strength he should be using it.

While his words were strong his true will/effort weak.

The above is my view, which is likely tainted by my Brown eyes( full of shit)
And heavy metal consumption, so what do I know.

What I do know is I experience love, happiness and life every waking moment.
I know that no matter what happens I have done all I can to
Lighten the load, straightened the path and shown the light.
If not then my soul be damned and as all will perish when time is called.

Make way the path, for it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than
To live in the House for eternity

December 29
This is in response to “'Hate' is a Convenient Excuse.” https://www.kimwrate.com/Hate-is-a-convenient-excuse.html


We all do things differently. You do not have the satisfaction of being the only one in that category.
Also to bring up my son-in-law and his troubles is a poor use of your time. That is his cross to bear, along with all of us who love him.
And it was well over 800K to be closer if you must know. He will pay his debt to society in
Loss of freedom and love of his family.
I can only hope sometime in life you truly feel the love that has poured out to him
In his time of need. But I tend to oversimplify things.
Brian did a futile attempt to build a Grail. He was offered the funds to complete but used
Excuse to not accept funding and complete his mission.
Why would “they’ show him all the information needed to do the work that needs to be done and
he quits. Basically throws his hands in the air and indicates done.
I think they picked the wrong guy. Guess even they make mistakes.

As far as the maker being all powerful let me know who created all this and how?
AS far as the maker goes if you look at the order of creation “man” was last, why?
Even the birds, fish animals and all other came before “man”.
Sometimes one should leave well enough alone and stop adding to the landscape.
Maybe would have been better if he stopped on the 5th day.

What I do in life has absolutely nothing to do with my wallet or reputation.
I do what I believe I am called to do. As you do.
Only difference is I have seen a difference in others peoples lives I have made.
I have seen the poor, the tired, the hungry smile and shine for even the fleeting of
Moment in their lives.

I am not a back stabber as you have been exposed to where people put on a
Face then once those present are gone talk poorly of them.
Me I never back stab, I prefer to stab one in the heart to see ones face.
So they know where and what I am doing.

I referenced your views on issues with respect to stereo typing.
You again go back to classic stereo type on many fronts. Such as the ”Italian Bravado”, classic.
How about all the Irish do is drink. Jewish people only care about money, and the rest of the
Typical stereo typing you likely were exposed to at a young age.
Your household was no doubt a difficult one with the loss of Sean.
Death at an early age is never easy to understand.

Your mother grieves every day  for him. What do you do to help her better cope with life?
You walk your own little walk and think you are so righteous on all fronts.

Meanwhile your brother lives with a person he loves then just doing something simple
Like putting up Christmas lights he touches the life of an autistic child.
Funny how things work out that way.

Brian emphasized DOING. He is 100% correct. Talk/writing is nothing more than being afraid to
Take that step and DO.
While maybe not military, maybe Peace Corp. Go see the REAL WORLD.
Then MAYBE you will live a REAL LIFE.

For me this is real enough.
I have truly licked the silver spoon,
drank for the golden cup and smoked the finest green.
I thank God he has given me the opportunity to do so.

Likely nothing I say will change your mind/views nor do I intend to.
I only look to better understand what we are all here for.
The ONE thing I do know is all things equal we all die.
It is really simple we live, we die.
It is that DASH between life and death that we get a chance to
Do what we were brought here to do.

Again I wish you well on your path.
Next time you walk into a room see if you make people
Feel happy you are there.
Jesus did not try to change the world.
He came to pay it forward show others love for their fellow man and
Ease the struggle we all face in our daily lives.

Help your mother and father it is in helping others that we help our selves.

December 31
This is in response to “What Evil Is.” https://www.kimwrate.com/What-Evil-Is.html


I read what is evil and it is very sad.
Some Christ, to look to provoke the only person how has put a roof over his head and
Likely food in his belly. Not to mention his ability to use the internet to either email or
Be able to spread his “word”.

His father took care of him when he was young and allowed him to grow and free think
Under his wing yes for only 15 years as he indicates. But it was still 15 years.
His father is a saint to put up with him in his house, with the arrogance and self righteous
Spew that comes from his Christ like mouth.

Then he brings children into this world and what is he doing to keep them “pure”.
Is he even helping financially or anything to raise his children?
Not taking care of children you brought into this world is a sin to the maker.

You are in love with him that is easy to see.
You worship the ground he walks on.

So nothing I say really changes your mindset.
I really don’t care to nor am I really am trying to.
I would love to see the planet saved, food for all, shelter for all.
But it doesn’t come from praying, wishing or hoping it comes from doing.

I can only state what I have seen, known and felt in my putrid of an existence.
I have and do know true love. The best part is not just from”1” person.
I know deep love from BOTH my mother and father. Along with my wife and children and
Many friends I have known over my nigger life.
Its has a beautiful nigger life in my eyes.

You search for a real life only to
Find an imaginary “1”
“1” that only exists in your mind and his.
As you venture down this imaginary life
You will have not changed the world, the country , the state, the county,
The city, the street, the house you live in, nothing.
As your friend will not change one thing now or in the future.
He quit remember? Gave it a full 18 months of effort.
Now hes reduced to provoking his father and writing to a handful of people
Who likely still care for him and like him to get well.
Maybe you and him should look to start a cattle farm. He seemed to still have an interest in that.
Could be good for both of you. But that would mean doing something.

Now, he’s just biding time in the “makers” waiting room to ascend into whatever
Christ like divine destiny he has in front of him. I wish him well.
Writing to provoke and not help or truly teach.

Also I know my Purely egotistical, selfish, arrogant nonsense writing only feeds both you and him to
Think you are on the side of purity and righteousness. As since I am in lock step with you
I must be wrong/simplistic/arrogant/benign/whatever demeaning adjective you like and therefore your right?
Enjoy your walk/run down life’s road.

But don’t look back as all you will see is what?
Path of joy, fulfillment? People smiling at how you were there to help?
Things you built? Aid Given to others so they can have a small bit of burden lifted?
Lightened any load? What?

The measure of a man’s true worth is by how much he will be missed.

How much will you miss your mother? Your father?
Your brother?

Walk your walk, talk your talk. Stand tall as only you and the”1” are on the side of the maker.
Be one small room for all of you in the here after or wherever your energy goes to.

Me, I may be going to hell in a bucket , but at least I am enjoying the ride.
Hell, I am already here and I thrive in it.

Put another log on the fire nigger lets have a hot time in the old town tonight.

I hope you find you real life in 2021.

Me, I’m going to live until I die.
Al ( A =1, 1-1 = 0 = the last Christ)

January 8 2021

This is in response to Note on Controversial Language.



Words have various meanings in society across many many generation and lifetimes.

Why pick a word that is so volatile in todays society to use to do what?

Inflict reaction? To establish a narrative?


If I reread what he was doing when he approached his father using nigger it was not

Even close to the idea of respawn as I read it.

It was specifically to simply provoke him. No where in his writing did he

Imply or try to use it to convey regenerating to his father.


I am not at all trying to separate you from Mr. Harner. I am simply trying to understand

His teaching and words. I have seen his actions where he made a prototype and quit.

Tell you what if what he made is a working prototype, send it to me.

I will even pay the freight.

I will then connect with several foundries to get it cast in bell metal.

Typically bell metal is 78% copper, 22% tin by mass, or a 4/1 ratio.

Will this do?

Lets make the rubber meet the road.


Also me trying to control you or anyone is so far from the truth.

I do not care at all what you do in life. I care to control no one.

Besides what is control? Apparently high on his need as he is the one that always mentions it.


I only present a different viewpoint/observation,

But by doing so according to Mr Harner I am therefore condemned.


What he speaks on with respawning is reincarnation.

Where if one has not fulfilled an obligation in this lifetime they are destined to return to

Experience death again.

Most people fear death, I do not.

I know what my God has instore for me.

Its pain and suffering.

Once you understand that life is easy.

Know your rock. We all roll one all our life.

See Sisyphus on knowing your rock.


Just a note on recent writing/post

I will cease if I bring confusion. Don’t mean to.

I thought the idea of these posts were for discussion so all

Get a better understanding in life?

But as Mr.Harner seems to always go to anyone not on his page is simply doomed, no hope.


My God preached kindness, understanding, patience and love.

His love was also not sexual his love was for fellow man to lift burdens and ease the pain.


Live as you must makes no difference to me.

Its your life, live it


January 16 2021

This is in response to my asking why he wants to see the grail get completed.


Isn’t that your/his  goal?

As I understand it this device is needed to

Help humanity.

It will perform what he has indicated then should spark interest and

Others should begin to take heed.