If You Don't Like the Harner Content

Update, January 12 2021: At this time, the most concise path I recommend is The Path to Brotherhood (written by me), Snap Judgments vs. Humility (written by Brian), Note on Controversial Language (written by both of us), and Introduction to the Way (written by Brian).

If you don't like the Brian Harner content which I began posting in August 2020, here are my articles from June 2018-June 2020. They make a similar point in a less "triggering" manner, and with far less technical information. I'd prefer that you then try the Harner content again, but I will not force you to do anything. At the very least, read Note on Controversial Language to understand some of the harsher terms being used.

I have listed the articles in order by time, with the most recent articles at the top.

Purifying Further -- This is the first article I posted after finding Brian's book. I do not mention him in the article, but I wrote in response to the emotions of annoyance I felt towards him while reading. I felt annoyed due to his airs of self-righteousness. As I say in the article, Self-righteousness-- “for me, but not for thee.”  I can be self-righteous but you can't. This subtle attitude is all too common.

Divine Order -- "Divine Order is the result of designing and using the structure and rules of an organization in a manner which most enables all involved to fulfill their highest potential." "...It is paramount that every individual involved takes Responsibility. If they do not take responsibility for their duties, then someone else could be in danger."

Natural Law -- "Do not get offended by nature. It is just law. There are facts about the natural world, and the consequences of actions are directly dependent upon those facts. If the laws of nature are clarified then they can be used to live in a way which is successful, in the name of the ultimate thriving of all of nature."

Frustration with Violence -- "When a person appears to them to be naïve to the game of violence, then they turn the game of violence upon that person. They try to psychologically manipulate that person, get them to express whatever emotions they wish to see them express, to say the words they wish to be heard, and to be looked at by the eyes of a dumb and hopeful lamb."

Welcome to the Void: The Story Behind kimwrate.com -- "The void requires an ability to see beyond the surface world. The void requires a worldview which states that everything in reality is for the sake of self-realization; hence, Love is just the force that shapes you for your destiny." "...The void always gives you what you need at just the right timing."

Introduction to the Void -- "Mastery of the void requires purity of heart. My hope has been that I can speak of purity of heart without having to reveal the backstory of how I came to this idea, as the whole premise of the idea is that it in itself is enough for one to know the truth at all times. Well, the reason that pure heart is required to have the highest awareness of truth is that pure heart also is required to form the highest possible connection to the void."

The Spiritual War-- Part Two  -- "This article addresses the conflict between the economic worldview and the life-centered worldview, i.e. Economic Man and Spiritual Man. Most of this article describes the Economic Man, the way of life he has created, and its consequences."

The Spiritual War -- "In order to be powerful in an ideal manner, it is necessary to connect with one's own heart first as opposed to trying to be powerful per se. ...Fictional examples showed me that those who choose the evil path do so because they feel cheated somehow-- that is, unfairly at a loss.

Humanity's Low Regard for Life -- "The system is dependent on people being materialistic, selfish, fearful, short-sighted, ignorant, and dumb. It needs people to spite life: at present, most financial profit which occurs requires the degradation of life. Consequently, almost all marketing targets the lower nature of man. People take this for granted, just as they take the expression of their lower nature for granted." "I do not care for mere appearances, and I refuse to be fooled by them. I want internal and external congruence, all aspects and details accounted for, and perfection in completeness. Merely apparent perfection is not perfection at all: it is just a lie."

Existential Loss -- "Overall, I felt sorrow over what has been lost, and I consequently did not have the will to do my best. I knew that if it was not for loss I would not be playing such games as this race in the first place. Instead, I would be living innocently in nature."

Submission to Duty -- "The Bhagavad-gita emphasizes that a devotee is to keep his consciousness focused on the Lord and perform his duty with no attachment to the result. The point is made when it* says that by not participating in the battle at hand, the warrior Arjuna was actually being attached to the result, rather than carrying out his duty with detachment. Putting on the mere appearance of peace was not necessarily his destiny."

Transparency and Integrity -- "In light of such transparency, who would change their ways only because they can no longer get away with cutthroat competition and parasitism? What should happen to most people once they are discovered? Would mere behavioral change on their part be good enough, or do they have no place in a free, conscious, and healthy society?" "Overall, humanity is a fear-based mess right now and it largely though not entirely has been stuck like this for a long time. I intend to do my part of changing that mess and ultimately ending the game by sharing the most complete and coherent thought that I can regarding my life and life in general. I am a bit concerned about putting a lot of pressure on myself (fueled by others bearing witness) and then either failing to deliver or, worse, distorting the intention of what exactly is to be done here and how."

Purity and Disunity -- "The essential pain in life is that of separation: separation from Nature, from God, from one's ideals, from one's own center, from other physical beings, and from essentially any entity imaginable. When collective coherence is lacking people become egotistical, trying to take all that they can for themselves. In order to not be stopped by others, they must be regarded as innocent; consequently, they become adept at putting up appearances. By and large, humanity has become a mass of destructive egoism and false appearances. This condition has reached absolute plague levels and is everywhere. The result of this is that I cannot just act as though others are on the same page and are interested in living with a high regard for the collective." "Now, what I see as central to the fight for purity is not the fighting in itself but the necessity of self-realization (and I am likely to emphasize this again and again). This means that I must become what I seek to become. To be pure and complete I must engage in the sharing of my life's process, thereby ending separation at least in consciousness. That is what I seek to do here, through this writing." "The most important question for me is, How do I both align myself with purity and also defend it? Am I going to achieve some new kind of purity? It seems that the best I can do for now is to share the process of life and hopefully illuminate the complete truth of all things as much as possible."

Sharing the Thought Process -- "All this writing seems doomed to be rushed since it takes time to put the pieces together. Moreover, I feel unable to share all of my thought uncensored: I have suspected that sharing my thought process would create too much chaos and possibly cause the point to be missed when my aim is to stay on point." "In my previous years of writing I encountered a great deal of unpleasantness which I insist on avoiding. I need to write in a manner which yields ascension-- not stuckness." "There is a nagging concern that I might have to drag you all through the muck of life. I am reluctant even to say this because it influences the course of my decision-making and therefore my fate. Can this all be smooth and harmonious or must I communicate internal conflicts, uncertainties, and lowlier thoughts as well? Is this necessary to the process of becoming what I am destined to be? Or can much remain to the side as mere private thought?"

The Worldview of Completeness: Part Two -- "The highest intention I am aware of is to self-realize according to Earthly perfection. Earthly perfection is an ideal by which one lives in acknowledgment of the unavoidable laws of Nature and thus becomes a being which wields total mastery over itself. Earthly perfection is a double-sided ideal and both of its sides must be fully and equally acknowledged for the highest and most complete realization to be achieved."

Human Intervention vs. Non-violence -- "Human control of nature typically implies some level of violence and destruction. At a sensitive level I do feel that I am destroying something when, for instance, I pull weeds from the garden or even walk over the grass in shoes. In these situations I feel disconnected from something subtle. Simultaneously, on the surface level I do often end up blatantly destroying something when I engage in human control of nature."

Hopelessness -- "The failure most often committed by humans is destruction. We are always destroying something-- nature, our own bodies, the bodies of others, our own honor. When man feels he has no control over the world around him he tends to not merely do nothing but to destroy himself. Consider why drugs are so popular today and have facilitated the downfall of many people." "At present, humanity has a massive victim complex. Whereas in the past such a complex would have rendered one weak and gotten him killed somehow, today victimhood is, for now, the best way to survive in this society. No one wants responsibility, everyone wants to be excused for their sorry failures. In their flailing through life as hapless victims, humans destroy nobility of being. What we are left with is sickened rabble, who spastically rush around like wounded animals on the one hand and lie still like docile cattle on the other." "There is a higher state of being, which I have referred to as pure heart. It is necessary to rise above petty, socially-facilitated pressure and place attention elsewhere. Social pressure and time pressure are largely one and the same: you must get somewhere on time before someone beats you. We have subjected ourselves to the minds of one another and have thus killed ourselves in the process."

The Worldview of Completeness -- "The third part of the truth is the self-realization of a being with a soul living in the material world. This part is about not merely survival, salvation, nor escapism, but creation in the material world according to the qualities of self. The premise of the third part of the truth is having agency as opposed to being a biological machine bound by mechanical laws, doomed to make the same mistakes again and again and then either beg the Lord for mercy or become jaded. To self-realize is to continually ascend-- to develop a consciousness of eternity and to simultaneously master life in the human form. What this means to me is the attainment of Godhood, innocence, and perfection."

The Journey of Self-Realization -- "I am trying to answer the question, What am I? This is found through contemplating, deciding, and experiencing what I am in relationship to all other things. What am I is a question not merely of apparent or abstract identity but also of energy and of consciousness. ...I have decided that this question is the fundamental question of life." "What I intend to do is to share my spiritual journey. By 'spiritual' I refer to my worldview and the process of self-realization (i.e. what I am becoming). It is not going to be easy because life consists of so much data, and I want to make sure that in the end what is important is highly organized and accessible." "Indeed, strong is the desire for perfection. I do not wish to deviate consciousness from what matters nor to say things which mean nothing. So, I have desired to wait until I am at a level where I can handle the task of publicly accounting for my journey with relative competence. I can only hope now I am doing a good enough job, and also not be crushed by such anxious hoping. If nothing else, I can hope that purity of being will elevate the level of human thought and discourse, and heal problems by bringing them to a unique worldview which desires completion."

The Struggle vs the Will -- "Without the soul there are no ideals: only the worthless seems worthwhile. Here the free will gets consumed by lustful instinct-- in other words, pride, fear, needing to prove a point, emotion, greed, and egoism. Without the will ideals seem too difficult to attain, and the soul remains trapped in its inward world as a mere dream."

Next Steps

To ease your way forward, the next steps I suggest taking are the more recent articles Soulless Art and Spiritual Purity. Then move on to Purity, Survival, and Transcendence and Natural Order and the Void.

If you want to fight with me, I recommend "Humanity's Low Regard for Life" (listed above), and "A Fight Over Purity" (including the links to other articles within).

If you want to hear from someone other than me, I recommend The Stotan Creed by Percy Cerutty and Don Juan in Hell by George Bernard Shaw.

If I come up with any worthy additions to the above list, I will either update this page or create a new one. Note this page was created on December 31 2020.

This page was updated on January 7 and 12 2021.