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June 2018

20: The Struggle vs the Will

January 2018

11: How I Regained My Running Speed

11: How I Beat an Infection Without Antibiotics


November 2017

3: Do It Even if You Won't Win

August 2017

16: Leaving a Mark

5: Do What You Want-- Clarified

May 2017

31: Creating and Exchanging Value

24: Our Collective Freedoms

10: Exploring Different Perspectives

April 2017

27: Working with Integrity

26: What if the World was Already Fine?

26: Reforming Spirituality

26: Using Your Intellect to Open Your Heart

26: Don't Depend on Proof

26: Ask "Why Not?" Instead of "Why?"

26: How to Save Humanity

24: Being in Love

24: High-fat Diets, Drugs, Health, and Consciousness

24: Heavy Metals Detox: The Basics

24: Viewing Reality Comprehensively

24: Is Ultra-Endurance Natural?

24: Envisioning the Future

21: A Twist on Type A and Type B Personalities

10: The Highest Truth: Forging Conscious Politics

8: The Biological-Cultural War

March 2017

31: Understanding Reincarnation (and the Multiverse)

26: Is There One True Diet?

21: Compassion vs. Standing Up for Yourself

February 2017

16: Love it Or Leave it

5: Growing Reality

2: Success Is Sustainability

2: Making Peace with Your Past (Podcast)

January 2017

23: Working for the Right People

21: Integrating Your Dark Side

20: My Favorite State of Being

19: Heavy Metals Detox: Overview and My First 30 Days

15: Failure and Embarrassment

14: Working for the Wrong People

9: Parasites, Toxins, and Gut Health

2: 2017 Focus: Being "Only" Human


December 2016

27: Spiritual Bypass (Anger, Forgiveness, and Denial)

22: What is Self-Hatred, Really?

19: Reincarnation, Personal Development, and Global History

16: Reimagining God

10: Expanding Human Capability

7: Proper Use of the Mind

3: The God and the Goddess

1: The Five Roles We Play

November 2016

30: Concrete, Positive Actions You Can Take

25: Domination-Submission

24: The Real Reason We Shop

23: Have You Had Enough Now?

22: Humanity's Next Step, Part Five: Freedom

21: Humanity's Next Step, Part Four: Togetherness

21: Humanity's Next Step, Part Three: Autonomy

21: Humanity's Next Step, Part Two: Ambiguity

20: Humanity's Next Step: Transparency

19: An Alternative to the Technological Singularity

19: Saying "No"

18: I Wish it Worked, But it Doesn't

18: Stay on the Path

14: An Exploration of Co-Creation

14: The Personal Growth House Returns

11: Relating to Technology

3: Decision-Making Questions

October 2016

30: Dealing with Group Consciousness

24: Humanity's Self-Esteem

19: A Life-and-Death Analogy

14: The Pursuit of Love

September 2016

30: Forgiving Yourself

22: The Gentleness of Life

21: A New way of Using Money

20: Obsession and Hatred

19: Timidity

13: To Change, Stop Hiding

10: A Vision of Our Future

August 2016

31: Facing Difficult Truths

25: Absolute vs. Relative Truth

22: Feeling vs. Being

21: Gaining Clarity (Podcast)

18: The Flows of Stuckness

13: Retaining Your Power

11: Laws

8: Energy and Power Struggles

2: The Whole and its Parts

July 2016

29: Regarding Civilization

27: Death

25: Reclaiming Our Bodies

22: Abundance, People, and Energy

18: The Missing Piece

17: Coming to Terms with Toxic Eating

14: From Obligation to Love

13: 10 Major Personal Growth Challenges

12: The Edge of the Universe

8: The Signal vs. the Noise

5: Befriending Bugs

June 2016

23: Relating to Food

19: What I Believe

18: A Change of Heart About Money

17: Living in My Car-- Day 19

16: Relationships of Power

14: Silence the Voices

11: A Letter to Love

11: Your Gut Feeling vs. Cowardice

8: Meeting Life at its Level

8: An Inspirational Message-- Just For You

6: Loving Congruently

3: Live Without Logistics

2: Controlling Life

1: The Pain of Love

May 2016

30: Being Owned By Your Stuff

21: Computers and Consciousness

15: Nothing is Wrong with You

11: The Real Win

5: The Only Thing You Want

2: Don't Comfort Me

April 2016

28: Relationship Reminders

28: Eschewing Expectations

27: Lessons from my Body-- Part 2

27: I Quit

26To Be Authentic, Be Considerate

21: Be Extreme

17: When in Doubt, Fly High

17: Simplifying Human Relationships

11: My Need for Attention is Filled

11: Practice Hard and Get Goofy

3: Showing Strength: Caring vs. Cruelty

1: Love Run Amok

March 2016

31: Becoming a Social Genius

30: Podcast Episode 10: Contributing Consciously

30: Why Do You Choose to Be Alive Today?

28: Being with Others Proactively

28: Innovating Anew

28: Updates to What is a Real Life?

28: What Lies Beyond Suffering?

16: Love's Focus (is Freedom)

14: Shrinking Authority

February 2016

17: Neither Here Nor There (The Ultimate Space of Existence)

13: Speak with Certainty

6: Living as Oneself

January 2016

31: Relationships Without Need

29: The Layers of Reality

25: A Return with Love

18: Podcast Episode 9: Being vs. Doing

13: Meet Your Desires

13: Living from the Soul

5: The Rejection of Rules (Using Foundations-- Part Six)


December 2015

26: Useful vs. Unnecessary Constraints

21: Social Scarcity and Abundance

13: Using Foundations to Maintain Health-- Part Five

13: Using Foundations to Maintain Health-- Part Four

9: How Beliefs Work (Using Foundations-- Part Three)

8: Purging to Find What's Important

8: Using Foundations to Maintain Health-- Part Two

7: Using Foundations to Maintain Health

November 2015

28: Loving Your Life-- And Yourself

23: Seriously, What is a Real Life?

23: A Group for Personal Growth

17: Taking Back Your Life

15: Life's Upward Spiral

13: Podcast Episode 7: The Intelligent Future

13: Podcast Episode 6: The Evolution of Life

13: World of Abundance-- Part Two

October 2015:

30: The End of Duality

30: World of Abundance

30: The Heart Steps Up

26: The Abundance of Intelligence

21: The Purge of Guilt

19: Comprehensive Planning/The Story of Life

16: Can You Justify Your Perspective?

16: Full Speed Ahead

15: Being Fully Within Love

6: What Matters in the End?

September 2015

21: Downloadable Chapter from What is a Real Life?

21: The Great Back Pain Myth

14: The Ultimate Cereal Bowl

14: Building a Community

12: Surrender (Video)

August 2015

24: Polyphasic Thunderstorms

24: Fancy One-Liners

15: What is a Real Life?: Excerpts

15: What is a Real Life?: Contents, Outline, and Further Reading

1: Book Release: What is a Real Life?

July 2015

13: How to Never Get Writer's Block

June 2015

30: Do What Helps You to Love Other People

11: Polyphasic Sleep: Days 10-14

8: Question the Norm

7: Polyphasic Sleep: Days 7-9

6: Commitment and Discipline

5: The Meaning of Money

4: Shut Up and Take the Journey

3: Polyphasic Sleep: Days 4-6

2: Be Yourself Unapologetically

1: Polyphasic Sleep: Days 2-3

May 2015

31: Belief Experiment #7: I Create Reality

30: Polyphasic Sleep: Days 1-2

29: Polyphasic Sleep!

28: Belief Experiment #6: Courage is the Best Tool

27: Take a Day Off

26: Belief Experiment #5: I Can Always Be My Best

25: Do You Really Have to Do That?

24: Belief Experiment #4: My Body is Intelligent

23: Stop

22: Lessons from My Body

22: Belief Experiment #3: Social Needlessness

21: Podcast Episode Three: Thinking Better Thoughts

20: Belief Experiment #2: Money Is Powerless

19: Finding Balance

18: Belief Experiment #1: Unconditional Safety

17: Holes in the Belief System

16: Belief Experimentation

15: Be an Awesome Old Person

11: A Brief Declaration of Consciousness

April 2015

28: Moving Away from Self-Criticism

13: The Problems of the World (and Attempting to Solve them)

10: The Transition to Transhumanism: What Might it Mean?

2: The Power of Beliefs

March 2015

29: Subjective Reality: An Overview from the Inside

26: Love, Appreciation, and Getting What You Want

24: Walking Away From Social Conditioning

16: Be the Best in the World

15: Leaning Into Travel

15: The Operating System of the Mind

8: How To Move Out of Your Mom's House

6: Being a P*%@y

February 2015

27: Out of Body Experiences, Truth, and Love

18: Goodbye to Gluten

15: Does What You're Doing Matter?

15: Iatrogenics: Are You Helping or Hurting?

6: In Your Own Private World

5: Uncreating Your Reality

January 2015

26: How to Be a Loser

19: Are You Eating Enough?

8: Stepped On, Misused, and Thrown to the Curb: When You Can’t Win with Women

7: High-fat Dieting/ Are We Entitled to Animals' Bodies?

5: The End of the World


December 2014

31: An Unusual 30 Day Trial

28: You Write the Answers

21: Cynicism

20: Work, Play, and Purpose

19: The Search for Meaning

17: Big Problem, Big Shift

16: How Do You Shine?

13: You Always Get What You Want

12: The Suspension of Responsibility

11: Building Trust with the Universe

10: Enemies of Consciousness

9: Releasing the Copyrights I Never Had

9: The Behavioral Perspective

8: The Valid Path

7: Hiding Out in the Open: Social Media

6: Foreboding Joy

5: Floating Through Space

4: The Pettiness of Planning

4: Contrast

3: Getting Out of a Cycle

2: Recovery and Renewal

2: What Makes Two People Click?

1: Social Value


November 2014

30: Means of Expression

29: Fear and Patterns

29: First Post